Serving Knighton, Clarendon Park, and Stoneygate

I've been taking things apart and putting them back together pretty much all my life. My father taught me to use a saw properly when I was about seven years old, right after he stuck a plaster on the thumb I'd just cut open. I built my own custom bikes in my teens and learned to fix cars when I started driving. In my twenties I bought a run down house and learned to fix that.

I've had a varied career to date that has involved working at a garden centre, quality control for a concrete tunnel lining manufacturer and far too many years behind a desk in various information technology and management roles. I have always used my practical skills for friends, family and myself and in 2011 I decided that I'd had my fill of office politics and quit the rat race to use these skills full time. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

I pride myself on honesty and integrity. This means that if I think you are wasting your money I will tell you so and suggest alternatives rather than take the job. It also means that if I don't feel I can do a good quality good value job I will not take it on. For example, I won't do wallpapering for other people simply because I can pick fault with the wallpapering I have done for myself.